Writing - An Overview

Prose is made of … phrases tacked together just like the sections of a prefabricated hen-house —George Orwell

overall body of work, oeuvre, do the job - the overall output of a writer or artist (or a substantial Element of it); "he researched the complete Wagnerian oeuvre"; "Picasso's get the job done might be divided into durations"

writing - (generally plural) the gathered function of the creator; "The thought occurs with expanding frequency in Hemingway's writings"

writing - the activity of Placing one thing in penned kind; "she did the wondering even though he did the writing"

Writing is like pulling the cause of the gun: if you are not loaded, nothing transpires —Henry Seidel

writing - the function of a author; something expressed in letters in the alphabet (specially when regarded with the viewpoint of style and effect); "the writing in her novels is excellent"; "that editorial was a wonderful piece of writing"

one. the penmanship of an individual, especially when Employed in a vital doc, as within an apostolic letter composed and signed from the pope.

to existing to general public detect inside of a penned description or account. Accounting. to make an too much valuation of (an asset). Origin Extend

annotate, footnote - include explanatory notes to or offer with crucial reviews; "The scholar annotated the early version of the well-known novel"

epilog, epilogue - a brief passage additional at the conclusion of a literary get the job done; "the epilogue advised what at some point transpired to the principle characters"

Typing your individual manuscript for submission is lots like dressing to determine that old lover who left you 5 years back —Ira Wood In his novel, The Kitchen Guy, Wood expands the simile as follows: “Ready to wander out the doorway you prevent a person past time for the mirror, here just To make sure they’re gonna regret the things they walked out on.

21. publish out, To place into writing. to jot down in whole variety; state totally. to exhaust the capability or assets of by abnormal writing: He's just another author that has published himself out.

No one can produce a true drama who hasn’t smelled the grease paint; it’s like anyone composing who’s in no way played an instrument —Mary McCarthy

An author introduced to people who have study, or who say they've got go through his publications, often seems like a man taken for The 1st time to generally be revealed to his upcoming wife’s relations —Jerome K. Jerome

Authors, like coins, mature pricey as they expand aged; it's the rust we value, not the gold —Alexander Pope

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